Calyp Endorsers Payments & Review (Total Earned since April 8, 2012: $492.10)

I joined a website called Calyp on April 8th, 2012 and so far I’ve made $492.10. On October 10th, I will be paid $96 & counting. On July 18th, 2012, I received my most recent payment of $118.34. On June 10th, 2012, I earned 133.86. On May 10th, 2012, I earned $111.74. I’m an Elite member (a person with a social networking reach on 10,000+ people), so I get paid $2 for each new ad that I share

.What is Calyp®

Calyp® (pronounced ‘klip’) is a loyalty and rewards platform for sharing the brands you love with friends via texts and social media posts in return for exclusive rewards, perks and cash incentives. Calyp is available in the iTunes App Store, Android Market and online at

How to Endorse, Share and Earn with Calyp!

Step 1:
Download the Calyp app from the App Store or Android Market or join online at

Step 2:
Create your interest and details profile.

Step 3:
Explore your endorsement opportunities in your “Interests” tab.

Step 4:
Select an endorsement opportunity you love and want to share.

Step 5:
Personalize your endorsement, select the ways you’d like to share and send it out!

ENJOY your perks!

Here is the link to the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

The website is very easy to use. You are paid for posting advertisements to your Twitter, Facebook, Blogger & LinkedIn account! They also give you a free debit card to spend the money. Although you can’t withdraw the cash from an ATM machine, you cash use it as a credit purchase.

Three Ways to Earn

Once a month, they transfer your earnings to your very own reloadable Calyp® card for you to use anywhere Visa Debit is accepted. The more you Calyp, the more you earn!

Calypstakes is fun and easy. The more points you have, the higher chance you have of winning! Accumulating your points is easy with the endless possibilities to earn. The best part – points have a lifetime accrual!

VIP Benefits Enjoy exclusive VIP benefits such as product gifts, access to special events, advanced sales opportunities, line skipping at hot spots, discounts at your favorite eateries and more! Redeem by showing your reloadable Calyp card or Endorser level right from the app!

Am I eligible to join the Calyp program if I am not a U.S. resident?
No, only U.S. residents (50 U.S. States and D.C.) are eligible. Sign Up For Calyp!

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