Share Magnet Review & Payment Proofs

Share Magnet is a new advertiser-publisher website that rewards its members in a win/win strategy. There are 3+ social networks to share the ads, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. As an Advertiser, you can choose your spending limit & the amount  that you will pay advertisers per click on your ads. Once the clicks  have been completed, you will be prompted to pay your fees for  advertising your information. Share Magnet will distribute the earnings  to the publishers (people who share the information).

As a publisher, you are paid per click on the ads that you share with  others. For example, if you share an ad that pays .03 cents per click & receive 25 clicks, you would earn .75 cents. After the ad has  received the total # of clicks and the advertiser has paid their fees,  you will receive the money in you share bank. You can withdraw your  money to your Paypal account when you earn $1 minimum.
As of 8/14/12, I have earned $150+. Sign Up Today:
(You will earn 50 cents per sign up with your referral link)


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