Wikets iPhone app Review!


I’m inviting you to this new mobile shopping app called Wikets on the App Store that rewards you for shopping through your friends’ product recommendations. I like this app because you meet people who enjoy shopping & who can share great deals that you probably wouldn’t have found. You can share a wiket (product), recommend a wiket when someone make a post of what they are looking for, or you can ask a question and people will share wikets with you.

I have 1503 points to redeem for a $15 gift card! I’m getting an Amazon gift card but I think I’ll wait to gather more points to cash out. You’ll see why when you see the screenshot below.

Use my promo code “keyannarochelle” to earn an extra 100 points when you join the service.

Using this app can help you make $180+ per year.
You can earn a maximum of 50 points a day (from non purchased wikets you recommend or re-rec from someone else), which equals 1,500 points a month. You can also earn double points on purchased wickets you shared when someone purchases something you shared or vice a versa. There is not a limit on the amount of points you can earn that way. 1,500 points equal any $15 gift card. One $15 gift card times 12 months equal $180.

Why was Wikets created?
We created Wikets to make mobile shopping easier, more fun and rewarding! To us, “rewarding” means more than earning points for shopping. Rewarding means a service and shopping community that give you great product ideas when you need them, give you confidence when you buy, and save you time by making mobile shopping easier than ever.

What’s a “wiket”?
We originally, uh, made up the word “wiket” as a portmanteau of “wiki” and “pocket” — more specifically “a wiki shop in your pocket”. It’s our idea of a realtime, social store powered by the best product ideas from your trusted shopping network.

How do I earn rewards on Wikets?
You earn rewards when you make purchases on Wikets through a recommendation (“rec”), when you make recs for your friends and our community, and when your friends purchase, wishlist, or share (“re-rec”) your recs. Wikets rewards you for purchases like your credit card rewards program, but instead of being linked to a single credit card, your rewards are linked to an app and you can use any credit card you already have on file at any of our retailers. (Plus, we’re much more fun and rewarding than your credit card.)20121024-064415.jpg20121024-064423.jpg

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