Make Money On Twitter

Real Ways to Get Paid to Tweet!

The websites listed below are programs that I’m currently using to Get Paid To Tweet. Any programs with a (*) next to it means that I’ve been paid for tweeting info and ads.

Before signing up with any of these sites, be sure to sign up for a Paypal account. It’s FREE!!! This is where the money you earn is deposited. You are given a free debit card to spend your money with a pin # and ATM withdrawal access! Sign up for a personal account!

Ad Per Tweets(*)


Ad Per Tweets is an ad Networking website that connects advertisers
with Twitter users  and rewards Twitter users for sharing ads. Twitter
users are able to share up to 5 advertisements with their followers and get paid  from 1 cent to 2 cent per click on each ad. Twitter users will be compensated on unique clicks. You MUST post the ads 20 minutes apart. Once you reach $50, you can click on the withdraw button and your account will be credited via PayPal in 30 days.
As of 8/14/12, I have earned $50.00 ($47.75 after Paypal fees
Sign up:




Calyp (pronounced ‘klip’) is a loyalty  and rewards platform for sharing
the  brands you love with friends via texts and  social media posts in
return  for exclusive rewards, perks and cash incentives.  Calyp is
available  in the iTunes App Store, the Android Market and online.You are
paid for posting advertisements to your Twitter,  Facebook,  Blogger
& LinkedIn account! You receive a free debit card, once you reach $25.
Once a month, they transfer your earnings  to your reloadable  Calyp®
card for you to use anywhere Visa Debit is  accepted. The more  you
Calyp, the more you  earn!
Step 1: Download the Calyp  app from the App Store or Android Market or join online at
Step 2: Create your interest and details
Step 3: Explore your endorsement
opportunities in your “Interests” tab.
Step 4: Select  an endorsement opportunity you love and want to share.
Step  5: Personalize your endorsement, select the ways you’d like to
share  and send it out!
Step 6: ENJOY your perks! Once you reach $25 by the 10th of each month, your money will be deposited onto your Calyp debit card.
                                                                          As of 10/16/2012, I have earned $488.92.

Cha Cha Affiliates(*)


Cha Cha Affiliates is great for any social networker who is looking to capitalize on his or  her social influence on their Twitter account, blog, website, newsletter, email or any other social profile. Cha Cha has an  user-friendly affiliate interface that allows participants to post the revenue-generating content of their choice on and earn a commission for  every click the ad receives. The ads are worth .01 cents to .04 cents  for US clicks and .001 cents for International clicks. There is always  an abundance of ads to share and there isn’t a limit  of how many ads  you can share a day. You are also given a referral link and can earn  10.00% commissions on every approved Affiliate you refer to ChaCha! That  means if an Affiliate earns $5,000 in commissions for a particular  month, you’ll get $500! You need a minimum of $20 to be paid. The payout is every 7th
of the month. When you reach over $20, you are automatically paid.
As of 8/17/12, I have earned $85.38.
Sign up with Cha Cha:

Fiverr Online Gigs(*)


Fiverr allows you to create online services to customers for $5 a
gig/job.  You are also able to purchase services from sellers for $5.As a
seller, you create a gig with the sentence that looks like this “I will
________________ for $5. Cons: Although it charges $5 per
gig/job, you only get $4 when  the gig/job is marked “complete”. Then you
are charged again, .08 cents,  when the Fiverr website pays you. So you
REALLY get $3.92 after the  money is sent to you via
Lists of jobs you can do:
Promote info on your Twitter account
Promote info on your Facebook account
Create website designs
Banner ideas
Help others gain Twitter followers
Help others gain Facebook fans
Sing a song
Make cartoon drawings
Make a PowerPoint presentation
Publish ebooks
And much more…
As of 8/14/12, I have earned $54.
Sign Up/Purchase Tweets from Me:

Gigbucks Online Jobs(*)


Gigbucks allows you to post gigs (online jobs) ranging from $5 to $100. Pay & be
paid via PayPal with no minimum balance requirement for withdraw. After your
money gets transferred to Paypal, $5 will be $4. Gigbucks allows you to create online services to customers for $5 a gig/job. As a seller,  you create a gig with the sentence that looks like this “I will  ________________ for $5.
As of 8/14/12, I have earned $4!

Sign Up Today Or Purchase Tweets from Me:



MyLikes allows you to become a social publisher or influencer when you sign up. You
share advertisements that you like with your friends through several social  networking sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook,etc. Each ad is worth x amount of money. The ads are worth .01 cent to as high as 50 cents per click. For example, if  you post an ad worth .25 cents per click and you
get 5 clicks on your  ad, you make $1.25. Once you earn $2, Mylikes  automatically pays you  every Friday via Paypal!
As of 8/17/12, I’ve earned $150+!
Sign up today: http//



RedKonnect compensates Facebook and Twitter users for sharing the same personal information they’ve been sharing freely online for years. Every time you use the redKonnect platform to promote your favorite brands on social media sites, you’ll earn cash. The more you use redKonnect, the more you’ll earn. With the Konnect Score algorithm, they regularly evaluate your social media influence, and up the commissions you earn for every product, brand, or event you promote, and each time your friends click on them. In a nutshell, you Get Paid to Post Video & Text Ads on Twitter & Facebook! 1000 points equals $1 in PayPal cash! The minimum withdraw is $1.
As of 9/14/12, I’ve earned $5!
Sign up to redKonnect today:

Share Magnet(*)


Share Magnet is a new advertiser-publisher website that rewards its  members in a win/win strategy. There are over 20 social networks to  share the ads,  including Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. As an Advertiser,  you can chose your spending limit & the amount  that you will pay advertisers per click on your ads. Once the clicks  have been completed, you will be prompted to pay your fees for  advertising your information. Share Magnet will distribute the earnings  to the publishers (people who share the information). As a publisher, you are paid per click on the ads that you share with  others. For example, if you share an ad that pays .03 cents per click & receive 25 clicks, you would earn .75 cents. After the ad has  received the total # of clicks and the advertiser has paid their fees,  you will receive the money in you share bank. You can withdraw your  money to your Paypal account when you earn $1 minimum. There is a invite referral program, that rewards its members 50 cents for eah signup that they he through their referral link.
As of 8/14/12, I have earned $150+.
Sign Up Today:


Picture will be a Publisher friendly network. During each social media advertising campaign you are provided with an array of options such as; referral sources (Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, etc.) and you can even option to have category specific targeting. The categories are self-determined by the Publisher and are incrementally reviewed by the Publisher support department for relevancy. You can also opt for no category specific targeting at which point the advertisement will be open to all publishers. Sometimes for social proofing, this works best. All payments are made using with a $1 minimum to make everyone’s life easier. Payments are every Monday!
As of 8/14/12, I have earned $2.21!
Sign Up Today:

Sponsored Tweets(*)


 Sponsored Tweets is an online marketplace that allows you to connect directly with
influential tweeters to create sponsored conversations through Twitter.
The system compensates tweeters with cash in exchange for promoting
products, service or websites. Think of it like eBay for tweets.
Sponsored Tweets does have a referral program. When a tweeter (A person
on Twitter) signs up using one of your links or badges, you will receive
10% of Sponsored Tweets portion of revenue for each successful  transaction
that Tweeter makes. If you sign up an Advertiser you will  earn 5% of
Sponsored Tweets earnings for each transaction they make.  Referral revenue
will not be earned on promotional funds issued by  SponsoredTweets. The
minimum payout is $50 or a fee of $2 if you withdraw your earnings
As of 8/14/12, I have earned $67.83!
Sign Up Today:

Tweet My Song


Tweet My Song allow you to get paid by using your Twitter account to retweet songs, mixtapes and videos. You must have 350 Twitter followers to sign up. Once you sign up, you can login with your Twitter account and the music will automatically be tweeted or retweeted once you click on the info that you would like to share. You cash is automatically credited to your Paypal account when you earn $25!
As of 9/6/2012, I have earned $ 1.20 cents.
Sign up today:

Twt Mob


TwtMob is one of the most difficult sites that I’ve used. The minimum payout is $50.
Sign Up Today:



Earn cash by sharing links on VIRURL.on your Twitter and Tumlr axxount. You can even share links on your blog or website if you have one.
As of 8/14/12, I have earned $0.14!
Sign Up Today:



Wingsplay allows its members to earn money by sharing video ads with their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Wingsplay gives average people incentives to share ads with their social networks to drive product or service engagement and increase buzz. Your able able to withdraw your cash via Paypal when your referral balance i$40 or when your regular balance is less than $50.
As of 8/11/12, I have earned $0.21.
Sign up today:

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