Make Money Guide

Although I will be writing about each program, I decided to  list each program by category. Here’s a list of how I make money and earn prizes  online, on Twitter & on my iPhone?

  • I blog about ways to earn money online & on iPhone for FREE
  • Take Surveys
  • Answer polls
  • get paid to click on ads & websites
  • Post ads on Twitter and get paid when people click on them
  • Watch short videos of new products for cash
  • Create my Own online jobs
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Blog & Tweet about websites & do promotions ($8 cents-$20)
  • Affiliate marketing (paid a percentage of sales when I refer people to products & they make a purchase)
  • Referring other people to sign up to websites(get 5% to 25% of their earnings)
  • And the list goes on…

FYI (For Your Info) You do not have to join every website that is on this list. I joined them all because I eventually review the programs to share with everyone.

Steps to Earning

1. Create an email account on one of the three:

2. Sign up for a PAYPAL account at (
Sign up for a personal account
Most “Make Money” sites pay their members through PAYPAL because it’s a secure website that insures your identity as a human. (Some people are caught using “bots” (cheating software) on the websites to make money. PayPal is a way to avoid it.
You get a free debit card and you can create your pin number
You can use your debit card to make purchases or you can withdraw money from at ATM machine

3. Sign up for a Twitter account (If you want to earn money on Twitter) (if you do not have one) at (
-Follow me @KeyannaRochelle, here is my link to my Twitter page : (
I have and know a group of people that make money so you can join us & share your thoughts, questions & concerns

4. See What I Do!
-Visit my Global Profile @ (
This is where I can show people my “Business” Profile. It’s like an online business card with my contact info & favorite websites to use.

5. Let’s Network!
-If you’re on Facebook, join my “Make Money” groups:
My Facebook Fan Page: KeyannaRochelle
My Success Since 1987 Facebook Page:

6. Get Paid To Tweet (Twitter):

You get paid to post ads to your Twitter account. You could also get paid when people click on your ads. For detailed info on each program please click on my “Get Paid To Tweet” article here:
Ad Per Tweets
Cha Cha Affiliates:
Fiverr Online Gigs:
Gigbucks Online Gigs:
Share Magnet:
Sponsored Tweets:
Tweet My Song:
Twt Mob:

Send me a direct message on Twitter for more websites or email me at
Type “More Ways to Earn on Twitter” in the subject box

7. Taking Surveys/Answer Polls
Daily Survey Panel:
Dollar Surveys:
You Gov:
Paid Viewpoint Surveys:

8. Watching Videos
This technique allows you to earn money/points from watching video advertisements.
These are 2 numbers that appear in the video that you type in at the end to earn
Beezag: (Program expired as of November 2012)

9. Completing Offers/PTC’s(Paid to Click)
You get paid to click on ads, up to 2 cents per click
Can include signups for sites with deals/sign up for other money earning websites
Paid The Fastest:
Inbox Dollars:
Send Earnings:
At Paid to Click sites, you earn money for clicking on ads. You can do this at
Click or Signup:

10. Earning Money from iPhone/Blackberry/Android apps
I’ve recently discovered(Early 2011)that I could earn money, gift cards and prizes on my iPhone4.
Send me a direct message on Twitter for more websites or email me at
Type “More Ways to Earn on iPhone” in the subject box
JunoWallet,ThumbSpeak,AppRewards,iOpinion,Calyp I have several ways to earn online. I usually don’t blog about a website unless I have been paid by them or received visitors for my website.

11. Earn From Creating Online Jobs
You are able to create online services to customers for $1-$50 a gig/job. You are also able to purchase services from sellers.
Lists of jobs you can do:

  • Promote info on your Twitter account
  • Promote info on your Facebook account
  • Create website designs
  • Banner ideas
  • Help others gain Twitter followers
  • Help others gain Facebook fans
  • Sing a song
  • Make cartoon drawings
  • Make a PowerPoint presentation
  • Proofread & Publish ebooks
  • And much more… As a seller, you create a gig with the sentence that looks like this “I will ________________ for $5.” Just like the name, you earn $4 per gig that you complete or buy via Paypal. As the name suggests, everything is priced at $50. Pays via PayPal. Owned by the same company as FittyTown, where you can offer gigs for $20. You get paid via PayPal. You can post gigs ranging from $5 to $100. Pay via PayPal with no minimum balance requirement for withdraw. Another site set up exactly like Fiverr where everything is priced at $5. This one is interesting. You can offer gigs for up to $10. What I like about Tenrr is that unlike Fiverr, you are allowed to directly talk to the buyer or seller and exchange details enabling you to build direct relationships. On top of all of this – there are no fees, pay each other directly through Tenrr! Offer your services for $5 or $10 or $20. You knwo how all Fiverr gigs starts with “I will…. for $5″! Well, their gigs stats with “I’m gonna..”! TaskArmy is one of the most respectable micro task sites. It was created by a 27 years old french entrepreneur named Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli. You can offer gigs for fixed prices of $19, $49 and $99 (though I have seen a few gigs priced $25 and $30). No, not every gig is priced $10, you can also have gigs for $5.

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